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Solo Piano Digital
Recording Service

Digital Recording Services capturing your greatest performance with every nuance of touch and tone recorded faithfully to CD. At the rate of $20.00 per hour everyone has the opportunity to create their own CD recording for family, friends, gifts, or mass marketing. Listen to the sample songs to hear what your piano CD could sound like

Samples on this website are in MP3 and do not reflect the full quality of the CD recording. MP3 is a compression format that allows large files to be played on the internet but compromises sound quality. Your finished CD will be of the highest resolution available for CD.

LISTEN to sample songs recorded and mastered in my studio from MIDI files.

Your MIDI File Recorded
to High Quality Audio CD

Record all your hard earned songs to CD and save the moment for a lifetime. Record your favorite songs when you feel you are ready one at a time or a few, or all at once, your choice. I can offer professional design and duplication for a finished ready to sell package that competes on the shelf with big label productions. Start your own CD series today!

You provide a MIDI file of your song that I use to record my high end digital piano. I then edit any performance mistakes, alter tempo or key to your specifications and complete the recording to your liking. In the next phase I use my engineering wizardry to give the impression you are playing a Steinway in a great concert hall.