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Martin - Graphic Designer

I am at home in Redding California and wilderness, road biking, mountain biking, kayaking and hiking clear my mind and settle my soul preparing my mind for creative flow. A former professional athlete I continue to train for optimum fitness by pure living; aerobic and anaerobic training and a healthy diet high in natural nutrition. My mind is sharpened by evolving technology and keeping current with standards for printing, web, audio and video industries. My spirit is shaped by my ever seeking The Creator and leading a purpose filled life. My heart is given to passionate expression for the art of music, sharing in concert with the listener an exchange of joy. My energy for life is overflowing by following the principle of pure living and truth.

I engage in graphic design using the principles above and mix in a professional graphic arts career spanning 35 years of dedication.

Martin - Musician

Creation, a fragile moment as a winter chill affectionately yielding to the first warm spring breeze. A brief encounter, a wisp of sweet fragrance, an eclipse of radiance, the whisper of a wing, then a return to certainty. The embrace of instrument, soul and Creator welcoming truth, my eternal friend, for a short visit.

A honor of extreme magnitude is to perform my compositions for my audience. I have practiced the art of passionate expression so my wordless instrumentals speak volumes to those who listen. I give the entire essence of my spirit when performing always sharing the dialog of thoughts through waves of audio translations.